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Authors, let me help you bring your narration to life!

Many nonfiction authors want to narrate their own audiobooks, eager to bring theirvoice to the book they’ve labored over for so long and speak directly to their fans. Yet, writing a book and narrating it are two distinct and challenging skills. Many writersdon’t realize this until they find themselves staring at the microphone.

Then, sitting in that small sound booth, working for hours with an engineer and producer, under the gun to finish the project on time, and feeling the pressure of creating an engaging and entertaining recording, the writer realizes that they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Authors then realize if they had worked with someone to prepare them for this experience, they would feel much more confident about handling the demands of audiobook narration.

That’s where I come in.


WHO: Sean Pratt, an audiobook veteran of 22 years with 5 Audie Award

nominations, 8 Audiofile Earphones Awards, and more than 975+ recorded books.

He narrates audiobooks for Blackstone Audio, Tantor Media, Gildan Audio, Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, christianaudio. Notable titles include – A Death in the Family by James Agee, Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, Elvis in the Morning by William F. Buckley and Lindberg by A. Scott Berg.

Currently, Sean coaches performers on nonfiction audiobook narration technique.

You can find him online, here:

WHAT: One-on-one coaching sessions PLUS a free 30-minute consultation to review your book, explain how I coach, and answer any of your questions.


  • Monday – Friday (9:00, 10:15, 11:30, 4:00, 5:15)

  • Saturday (10:00, 11:15, or 12:30)

  • All times are CST.

WHERE: Sean coaches via Skype or phone.

HOW: $150 an hour payable by check or PayPal

WHY: The creation of an audiobook requires a big investment of time, effort, and money. Shouldn’t you,the author, be as prepared as possible for the experience? With my help, you will be!

Don't Believe Sean, Hear What Others Think!


"I felt strongly about narrating my own book but had absolutely no experience or training in what makes a good narrator. Sean Pratt has developed an extremely effective and easy-to- understand system for teaching authors to narrate their own books. After coaching with Sean, I learned the tools and techniques necessary to create a good listening experience for my audience. He taught me the essential skills I needed to approach the recording sessions with proficiency and confidence. Thanks to what I learned from Sean, I'm very proud of the final product and I've received great feedback on my narration. Sean Pratt has my highest recommendation."

Deb Purdy

Author of Something Gained: 7 Shifts to Be Stronger, Smarter & Happier After Divorce

"Thank you for working with me to prepare to record my audiobook for "Wide Awake and Dreaming". Your expertise was so invaluable in helping me prepare for this. To say this kindly, I had NO CLUE what I was getting into starting this - so I appreciate your patience & kindness.

- Gratefully, Julie Flygare

Julie Flygare.jpg

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