Sean Pratt Presents : Nonfiction, e-Learning, and Corporate narration coaching


WHO: Sean’s sessions are one hour in length.

WHAT: Sean offers a structured and focused curriculum spread out over 12 sessions: One-on-one coaching that will develop your non-fiction narration skills, find your signature voice and narration genres, spot and overcome problem areas and guide you in your search for breaking into the industry.

WHEN: Monday – Friday (9, 10:15, or 11:30) and Saturday (10, 11:15, or 12:30) Central Standard Time.

WHERE: Sean coaches via Skype or phone.

HOW: $120 an hour payable by check or Pay Pal. For more info, and to set up a FREE consultation with Sean, email :

WHY: WHY?! Because the world of audiobooks, e-learning, and corporate narration has grown by leaps and bounds for the last 25 years. And wouldn’t you like to get paid for working from home…in your pajamas?!