Narration & e-Learning Coaching

Sean Pratt Presents :

Nonfiction,  and e-Learning coaching


WHO: Sean and YOU, in a one-on-one, hour long coaching session!

WHAT: One-on-one coaching that will develop your non-fiction narration skills, find your signature voice and narration genres, spot and overcome problem areas and guide you in your search for breaking into the industry. Sean’s standard curriculum is 12 -14 sessions spread over 6 -12 months.

WHEN: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (9:00, 10:15, 11:30). Tuesday, Thursday (9:00, 10:15, 11:30, 4:00, 5;15) Central Standard Time.

WHERE: Sean coaches via Skype, Zoom, or phone.

HOW: $150 an hour payable by check or Pay Pal.

·        Can you save $5 a day? Then you can afford my lessons!

·        Sean bills his students AFTER every other session. This allows them to save up the money to pay for their coaching!

· - Email Sean to set up a FREE consultation. He’ll cover the details of his unique coaching style, explain his curriculum, and answer any questions you may have.

WHY: WHY?! Because the world of audiobooks, e-learning, and corporate narration has grown by leaps and bounds for the last 25 years. And wouldn’t you like to get paid for working from home…in your pajamas?!

THE COACHING CURRICULUM: Sean has a unique two-track approach to coaching. Each one is designed to challenge you by adding a layer of complexity that must be mastered before moving forward.

 The NARRATION TRACK covers the ‘4 hats’ that every performer is required to wear.

1 - The Narrator: The focus here is on the skills needed to perform the text, developing your vocal stamina and finding your signature voice.

2 - The Director: The emphasis here shifts to one of research, grasping the overall tone, and style of the text and making the necessary artistic decisions while recording the book.

3 - The Engineer: Since the industry has shifted to using home-based studio narrators, we will cover the ins and outs of software, mastering, and creating your studio.

4 - The Producer: Because all projects have a deadline, this final ‘hat’ involves: Finding clients, negotiating contracts, etc.

The BUSINESS TRACK covers the nitty-gritty of pursuing a career in the world of audiobooks. It covers:

 ·        Exploring the many networking and job opportunities that are available to you, both nationally and locally.

 ·        Building your profile, your website, demos, and all relevant information.

 ·        Finding other nonfiction work in e-learning and Corporate narration.

 ·        Focusing on the genres your voice is suited to and developing a strategy to find those books!






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