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Tell Me a Story: Nonfiction Audiobook Narration Technique

Tell Me a Story: Nonfiction Audiobook Narration Technique

Want to do excel at non fiction audiobook narration? We've got a intensive 4-hour online workshop coming up with award winning narrator Sean Allen Pratt on Sept 22nd. It's only $199 and we're offering a payment plan option!

This is gonna cover a LOT of ground!

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Tell Me a Story: Nonfiction Audiobook Narration Technique

Join Sean as he ‘dives into the weeds’ of nonfiction audiobook narration technique.

In this 4 -hour workshop he will cover such important concepts as:

• ‘The 3-Step Method’ and how Sean uses it to prepare ALL of his nonfiction books.

• The ‘TED Talk’ performance concept Sean uses for all of his narration projects.

• Finding the ‘spine of the paragraph’ and why it is essential to enhancing your overall performance.

• ‘The 4 Voices of Nonfiction’ and how to use them to give your reads more variety and clarity.

• ‘Paragraph Colors’ - The idea of finding clues in the language to use as subtext in a paragraph to create variation in your narration.

Sean will provide several text examples during the workshop. In addition to directing your reads and providing feedback, Sean Pratt offers you an incisive look into his text preparation process, giving you invaluable skills that you will be able to apply to ANY nonfiction audiobook. These skills will help you to identify and embrace the book’s genre and style, to make appropriate acting choices, and learn how to deal with many of the particular challenges of nonfiction!

Later Event: October 12
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