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About 50% of the books I narrate each year are non-fiction and well over 50% of the reason I keep getting booked for them is the comprehensive training and coaching I received from Sean Allen Pratt.
— James Foster /
Sean Pratt, hands down, offers the most comprehensive mentoring for audiobook narration, period. I apply his principles in fiction and non-fiction alike, from sound business practices, to nuance in performance, Sean has a sixth sense to offer just the right tools to elevate your game. He’s definitely earned the moniker, The Ginger Yoda
— Nancy Peterson /
Sean’s brilliantly planned-out curriculum is unique in the industry. He covers every aspect of non-fiction using tools and tenets which are immediately applicable to all genres of fiction narration. He cares deeply about his students and goes above and beyond to advise and prepare them for all aspects of the industry. I cannot count the number of jobs I have booked thanks to Sean’s guiding hand.
— Joel Froomkin /
I am a classically trained British actor and have been narrating audiobooks full time for around four years, so count myself as pretty experienced, but it is never too late to learn. It has been an incredible journey working with Sean. I have gained not only a whole range of skills and insights into preparation and narration, but I have also gained confidence in my business and marketing skills, and had more laughs along the way than I would have thought possible. If you are looking for a first class audiobook narration coach, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sean as one of the best.
— Helen Lloyd /


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