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Digging Deep Into the Weeds of Non-Fiction Audiobook Techniques

  • Sean Pratt Presents Oklahoma City , OK 73170 (map)

Digging Deep Into the Weeds of Non-Fiction Audiobook Techniques
With Sean Pratt / 
Tuesday,  June 5th / 6pm pacific/9pm eastern

- Only $60!
- You don't have to attend live. Audio and Video Recordings Provided!!
- Note... this is NOT a repeat of our February Webinar


Join Sean as he 'dives into the weeds' of nonfiction audiobook/e-learning narration technique. In this webinar you will learn such VITAL concepts as:

• The GAP EXERCISE: why it's so important to achieving what the industry wants most; The Conversational Read!

• The 4 SIDEBARS: What they are how to use them, and why they are important in modulating the TEMPO of your read.

• PARAGRAPH CREATION & PARAGRAPH COLORS: How to deal with fragmented text to create a coherent read of the author's ideas, and the idea of finding clues in the language to use as subtext in a paragraph to create variation in your narration.
Sean will provide several text examples during the webinar. 

Sean Pratt offers you an incisive look into his text preparation process, giving you invaluable skills that you will be able to apply to ANY nonfiction audiobook or e-learning text. 

These skills will help you to identify and embrace any book's genre and style, to make appropriate acting choices, and learn how to deal with the many particular challenges of nonfiction! 

Space is limited!

Can't attend this fabulous webinar live? That's OK! Your registration includes both the audio and video versions of this webinar! We'll send the download links right to your inbox within days!

It's so EASY to attend! We'll send you a link to click... and you're in! 
You can join us via computer or phone.

Upon registration you'll receive confirmation within 2 business days (or sooner) including a collection of scripts. 

To prepare, Sean would like you to:

Review the scripts to become familiar with them
PRINT THEM so you can mark them up as he directs

Here's what people are saying about Sean Pratt:

"I love working with Sean Pratt because he has a great ear for the way a particular text should be approached." 
...Mary Mitchell, Chicago-based Actress