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V/O & Audiobook Jobs: When To Take 'Em, When To Pass

This webinar is not only for newcomers to voice-over, but also for experienced performers who struggle with negotiating with prospective clients and are tired of getting burned. 

Why every job has a positive or negative effect on your career
Why 'getting paid' isn't the same thing as 'making money'
Why 'having fun' is an important consideration in accepting a project
How to know the difference between 'wants' and 'needs'
How to create a counter-offer
How to know when you're in the "Land of Me' and the 'Land of We' - and how to make sure you don't get stuck in BOTH at the same time
When saying NO to a job is the right thing to do!

PLUS: Ask Sean questions in the lively Q&A! 

"It's time to create system that lets you stay in control of the negotiation process," says VO and audiobook veteran Sean Pratt, who will share his success formula in this new VoiceOverXtra webinar. 

Sean will explore the issues for accepting or rejecting a job. And his "Three Magic Questions" will reveal how to make an informed and rational decision about whether a particular project is worth your time and effort. 

"Sometimes, turning down work is the right thing to do." 
- Sean Pratt

PS: Your webinar registration includes video and audio recordings, plus all slides.